New single “Life Soundtrack" will drop on September 25th

Single will contain the following songs... 

1.Pain Free produced by @popeshifter

2.P.I.T.P fea.. Likwuid produced by Deaf2U @themooddoc @moodmemoirs 

3. Never... never produced by Deaf2U @moodmemoirs @themooddoc 

On “Pandemonium Wrekordz USA” 

New Video for "Pain Free" Premieres on YouTube on September 26th

Video directed by @gravitymp

Artwork by @domdirtee for "Life Soundtrack"

The Mood Doctors Lp “The Breach” The Theory Of The Slide

On “Pandemonium Wrekordz USA” 

Artwork by @domdirtee 

Produce by Beatminerz ... @beatminerz @djevildee

Produce by Deaf2U @moodmemoirs @themooddoc 

Produce by @popesshifter

All song written by The Mood Doctors

All song mix by The Brand @popeshifter & Dj Evil Dee and Luck Of The Mood Doctors